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My Story

Jeremy Allen, a NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting certified performance coach, and NASM certified fitness nutrition specialist. With over 17 years in the fitness industry, he takes an extremely dynamic approach to his fitness training. He has taken the values and principles that he utilized during his athletic career and has successfully applied them to training. As an athlete and graduate of the University of Iowa, he was a fierce competitor in both football and track and field. During his tenure, he was All-Big Ten and All-American in both sports. He also held the University of Iowa School records in the shot put, 35 lb weight throw, vertical jump, squat, and 40 yard dash for a fullback. In 1998, he represented the United States in the World Junior Championships in France after being the U.S. Junior Champion in the discus. Year after year, Allen seemed to defy the norm with his rare combination of speed, power, explosiveness, and sheer determination. After a historic college career, Allen then went on to play in the NFL for two and a half seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, and the Rhein Fire (NFL Europe).

As a fitness professional, Allen runs boot camps, speed camps, teaches adult and child fitness courses, and personal trains throughout the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. He has trained amateur and professional athletes in the sports of football, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, field hockey, track and field, lacrosse, and ice hockey. Allen's dynamic training approach not only helped elevate these athlete's physical abilities to the next level, but also gave them the option to be mentored by someone who has been in their shoes. What Allen does for his "general population" clientele is equally as methodical. He feels that people not only need structure, but motivation and accountability as well. According to Allen, he believes that training with a "teamwork" mindset will yield the best results. "Personal training is about working together to reach goals."

After establishing himself as one of the most successful and sought after personal trainers in the Dallas area, Jeremy was afforded a very unique opportunity. He was introduced to current The Biggest Loser contestant, Abby Rike. She was recently sent home to continue her quest to become the “At home” winner of the show. During her time with Jeremy, Abby continued to shed the pounds and ultimately reached her goal weight loss of 100 pounds. Abby had this to say about her time with Jeremy as client, “Jeremy’s approach to personal training is unparalleled. He listens to the needs of his clients and designs workouts that push people past their limits while creating a safe environment to succeed. I have been afforded the opportunity to work with the best trainers in the business, and I would choose Jeremy over any other trainer… “

Since the show, Jeremy has continued to grow his practice in many ways. In particular, he has created The J Plan. The J Plan is an affordable, online fitness system that is geared toward helping users reach their desired fitness goals. The idea is that users are given enough structure and support to be empowered; and ultimately to take control of their own fitness and health. Over time, Jeremy feels this will give people the tools they need to lead long, healthy lifestyles.

Allen believes that fitness is more than just a one hour a day, but a lifestyle. "Its something that you need to think about from the moment you wake up in the morning until the time you go back to sleep at night… it's your body, your mind, and your health…" Allen is so enthused about his occupation day after day because the window for growth is wide open. This is true not just for him, but for his clients as well. "People can always improve… Everyone needs to be challenged…that's what keeps us all going."

  • Personal Training: one on one training
  • Small Group Personal Training: Training involving 3-5 participants
  • Bootcamp Style Group Training:  Training involving 8 participants or more... 
  • Sports Performance Training: Training for athletes wanting to improve in their specific sport
  • Online training (personal, small group or bootcamp):  Remote Training performed for participants via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime
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